March 14 2012

Today’s online Guardian holiday guide features Treloan with the pic below of ‘imagine‘ in it’s early stages where the grass is covered and fenced off with bunting so that it doesn’t get walked on while it fades to reveal the word – the idea was prompted by seeing the patches on the field left by tents.


March 13th 2012

online article about the willow regeneration project/crab pot making


Feb 29th 2012

article in the Falmouth Packet (see how the day’s crab pot making went here)


Feb 6th 2012

Prime time TV – Debs & Mac are starring with the raft repairs, leak test and the race (this is the third go – see a previous attempt here!) and well… you guessed it, we won!

Jan 23rd 2012

Treloan featured in this weeks Caroline Quentin’s Cornwall (ITV) with Debs and Mac doing a grand job on the ‘good life’ – featuring the sheep, chickens, garden, polytunnel and honesty stall – and near the end they showed the raft  Si & Mac made from local willow.

August 2011

the Two Four crew have been filming at some of this years caravanserai events and activities – such as feast, a fireside and the infamous raft race… Mac revamped Si’s boat for this annual regatta foray with the team now in their 3rd year of competing (Mac, Jamie & Jem). This year Debs took the Treloan seat and we won the race – weh hey! Dunno whether any footage of our events will get shown or not, we’ll see …

ITV1 have commissioned a new observational documentary series, Cornwall, featuring Caroline Quentin, which will focus on Britain’s most visited county with five million landing on its shores every summer.

Each episode in this 8 x 30’ series includes stories about life in some of Cornwall’s most popular holiday resorts during a busy season. Caroline Quentin, one of the nation’s favourite faces, and a woman with firm links to the South West presents the series.

The locals on the remarkable peninsula include the traditional mix of fishermen, shopkeepers, landlords and lifeboat heroes but alongside them we will also be getting to know the local estate agents, B&B owners, local journalists and fundraisers as they go about their daily businesses.

The families in these parts are the verve and vim of the community. Twofour’s access to them means entry to the great human stories that everyone can relate to, of community and friendship, hard graft and fresh endeavours, traditional livelihoods and ingenious money-making schemes. 

First UK TX Date: January 2, 2012, ITV1 (


June 11th 2011

here we go again someone had a nice time at the last fireside!


April 2011 – Treloan just got reviewed in the Guardian Camping Guide – in fact the site is getting quite well known in campsite press (reviews, books and guides) for being a ‘creative campsite’. We’re quite chuffed as it mentions the various projects we’ve been doing (willow, foraging, fireside performances etc – more info here)


August 26 2009 – West Briton

The Caravanserai project was featured in a full colour double page spread by Philippa Spackman. Pdf download available here

online condensed version here


November 2009


Cornish World Magazine. Oct/Nov 2009. Issue 66 p. 52/53 (pdf download here)

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