TRELOAN – A GUIDEBOOK – pdf download

discovering whats on our doorstep

This ‘guidebook’ with a difference that offers a glimpse of the locality through the eyes of Gerrans & Portscatho residents and visitors to Treloan. A functional mix of local info and imagination where historical anecdotes are combined with memories, stories, traditional skills, crafts, recipes, artwork and poetry…with a ‘last word’ from Portscatho based historian Hilary Thompson, reminding us of the ‘poetry of history’ – how the well trodden paths of a place are deeply ingrained with the experiences of those that have gone before us.

A full colour 64 page limited edition  is available from Treloan – published by  RANE– Research into Art, Nature and the Environment, University College Falmouth, ISBN 978-0-9544187-7-9  promoting a responsible approach to tourism that celebrates ‘the local’ 

This page has the following sub pages.

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