CRAB POT and seaweed ‘do tank’

What a glorious February day this turned out to be.. thanks to everyone that came (see list of participants and links below) and we even got a mention in the local paper – Falmouth Packet). Considering none of us had made a pot before (aside from mentor Greg) we did really well – Si & Cat gave it their all and have written a lovely account of the day on their blog (Teach a Man to Fish – a local sustainable fishing initiative); Rory has uploaded videos of  here and Mary wonderful pics here …and there’s more on the caravanserai flikr page.

  • MA in Art & Environment students (University College Falmouth
  • Greg Humphries  – crab pot session leader, who has been working on the willow project with us since his UCF placement in 2009
  • Cat Holman –  as well as co-founding the local sustainable fishing project Teach a Man to Fish, Cat was our first writer-in-residencein the project van (see her residency blog here), and has since been awarded a distinction for her MA studies in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Si Holman – is a boat designer (previously lecturing in CAD and boatbuilding at Falmouth Marine School) and co-founder of Teach a Man to Fish (Si and Mac made the willow and canveas raft recently featured on TV )
  • Debs Wallace – works with Cornwall Wildlife Trust Strandings Network and has contributed an article on seal activity in the area for our guidebook (pp. 48/49)
  • Rory MacPhee builds and voyages on boats made of skin and frame using locally sourced materials. With these boats he runs trips undertaking coastal foraging and environmental monitoring in Cornwall, specialising in marine algae. He also runs a variety of workshops investigating intuitive design techniques using wood as the primary medium, with a broad spectrum of clients.
  • Mac Dunlop – is a wordsmith, performer,artist and co-founder of caravanserai. Mac co-ordinates and MC’s Treloan’s firesides
  • Annie Lovejoy – is an artist finishing doctorate studies (RANE – UCF) and co-founder of caravanserai.
Greg Humphries led the session following work he has done to regenerate a local willow coppice that was originally planted for making crab pots…and now, 3 years later local residents Si & Cat Holman are keen to learn the skill as part of their sustainable fishing project Teach a Man to Fish. So from the MA in Art & Environment perspective this is a fantastic example of how responsive context-led arts practice can work towards sustainable outcomes.

We started early (Greg, Mac, Annie, Rory, Debs , Si & Cat) so by the time the MA A & Environment group showed up we’d cut most of the willow and after a brief intro to the project from Greg they finished off the remaining tree and sorting the withys..



How nice in February to be sat outside sharing lunch in proper ‘do tank style’  discussing ‘sustainability’, how this term is used by everyone from planners to artists…what does it actually mean?


Meanwhile as Rory pointed out the tide was coming in so if anyone wanted to go with him to collect seaweed now was the time. Half the group headed for Breakneck shore…


and the others set about threading the jigs with the withys and weaving away the rest of the day



and it has to be said the star pupils were..


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