May 29th – 6.00pm.  bring and share food / BBQ

Rob Barratt “Guaranteed giggles and sure-fire anarchy lead the way to a radiant show”  North Devon Performing Arts Festival


Local budding songwriter Jeanne makes electronic music but writes all her material on acoustic instruments. Inspired by 80s artists such as Simply Red and Sting and 90s garage music her acoustic vocal performance is principally influenced by soul. Using frank and honest lyrics, her music strives to reach out to many people who may have experienced the same ideas as in her songs.


July 23rd – 6.30pm. bring and share food / BBQ

‘Hatch, Match and Dispatch’ – a play by this weeks fireside guest writer Anna Maria Murphy can be heard today (23rd July 2014) on BBC4  at 2.15pm

fireside july 23rd-2014.psd


July 30th – 6.30pm. bring and share food / BBQ

this weeks fireside session guest performers are…

actor/writer Dominic Power

singer /songwriter duo Gareth Lee & Annie Baylis



August 6th  – 6.30pm. FEAST- a local food banquet

FEAST is a bring and share event to which everyone is invited to come up trumps with the best dish of food you can make from local sources – to help here’s a list of local food suppliers. Or even better purchase a copy of our beautifully produced limited edition guidebook from reception. Its full of local info, resources, recipes, stories, anecdotes, art and poetry. One camper said that ‘she’d never eaten so well on holiday before’ having found the guidebook so useful for sourcing good local food.

this years FEAST performers are…

poet Seth Hampshire

musicians Tim and Athene – 2 of the 3 daft monkeys!


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