WHAT’S ON 2016

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On wednesday evenings throughout the summer invited guest poets and musicians perform at our firesides curated by  Mac Dunlop and Annie Lovejoy. Mac, a writer and spoken word artist,  hosts these sessions that include an open mic for visitors.

If you want to see more pics have a look at Gerrans resident Mary Alice Pollard’s pages on flickr and facebook – shes archived nearly every event we’ve ever done! – big thanks to Mary.


Aug 31st – 6.30pm



June 1st – 6.30pm



July 2oth – 6.30pm



July 27th – 6.30pm



Aug 3rd – 6.30pm



Aug 10th – 6.30pm


FEAST is a bring and share event to which everyone is invited to come up trumps with the best dish of food you can make from local sources – to help here’s a list of local food suppliers. Or even better purchase a copy of our beautifully produced limited edition guidebook from reception. Its full of local info, resources, recipes, stories, anecdotes, art and poetry. One camper said that ‘she’d never eaten so well on holiday before’ having found the guidebook so useful for sourcing good local food.

this years FEAST performers are…Rhos Keur male voice choir from the Roseland, beatboxer Fractal Pedro and Cornish rap duo Hedluv & Passman



Aug 17th – 6.30pm



Aug 24th – 6.30pm



6 thoughts on “WHAT’S ON 2016

  1. l am very happy that team treloan have brought their collective talent to this very special little place in the world. They have created a ‘Happening’. Buzz on the energy and enjoy your freedom to contribute. Its a rare find.

  2. It is rare indeed when one comes upon the people and place that give so much, not only to the site but to the community – bringing like minded people together from all over the country and the world ! I am proud to be a part of and to know such an amazing group of people !

  3. Wonderful Treloan had fab times there last year…I’m sad to find out that its totally booked all summer already, cant get a space…great that its so popular but wow, it fills up quickly😦

  4. What a great 6 days .We have just returned home after our first stay at Treloan and can guarantee we will be going back many,many times. The welcome from Debbie and her team was unrivalled and the site was so special. Not over commercialized but everything you need. Tents, touring vans,static vans, a yurt and a sweet little wood cabin called the Snug, complete with wood burner.Something for everyone. A short beautiful clifftop walk to the next village each morning for fresh bread and supplies and a log burner to hire each evening.Can’t wait to go back. Soon I hope:)

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