Research visits

The project van provides a concentrated reflective space away from normal working conditions and without signal interruption (mobile phone & wifi)


Ella Gibbs & Amy Plant.  2009. Energy Cafe presentation for RANE

Hawkins, H. & Lovejoy, A. 2009. insites – a notebook  Royal Geographical Society & Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference.

Leyshon, C (nee Brace) & Lovejoy, A. 2009. Caravanserai – fieldwork project, paper presented at Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, Manchester

Leyshon, M. and Bull, J. 2010. ‘Writing the Moment: Landscape and the Memory-Image’ in: Brace, C. and Johns-Putra, A. (eds), Process: Landscape and Text. Rodopi, Amsterdam

Leyshon, M. and Bull, J. 2011. ‘The Bricolage of the Here: young people’s narratives of identity in the countryside’. Social and Cultural Geography 12(20)

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