annie and mac

A & M at a fireside session -pic by Mary Alice 2010

Caravanserai is a project that just seems to have taken off thanks to all involved… especially to Pete & Debs (who inherited us when they took ownership of the campsite business in 2008!

We’ve had a caravan here since 2003 & being the artists/people we are, work & life mould into one – what was once a space of recovery from work became a project!

Since 2008 we have hosted numerous people on site offering residency space and/or the opportunity to perform at our weekly fireside sessions which have become a mainstay of summer at Treloan.

At the heart of caravanserai (a place where companies of people meet) is the celebration of being in this particular place…events such as the annual ‘FEAST’ and ‘fireside sessions’ bear witness to this.

Caravanserai has been the focus of Annie’s PhD research (2011) with RANE (Research in Art, Nature and the Environment) at University College Falmouth and has also provided a platform for Mac’s ongoing literary and (Un/Be) Spoken Word projects.

All of our work stems from being immersed in particular contexts. We have worked collaboratively and independently for 3 decades on projects that span a wide spectrum of activities, situations and sites. These include public art commissions, projects we initiate and invitations to work in places as diverse as new build schools, lightships and ferryboats. We’re privileged to have worked with many people from varied walks of life- from writer/poets and musician/composers to technologists, programmers & psychics.

meanwhile… Annie is in her element gardening or foraging foods and herbs for various concoctions  (dietary & healing) as well as arting & writing. While Mac is in his, performing, writing , sketching and playing piano.

pic by Mac Dunlop                             pic by Clare Halden

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