On wednesday evenings throughout the summer invited guest poets and musicians perform at our firesides curated by  Mac Dunlop and Annie Lovejoy. Mac, a writer and spoken word artist,  hosts these sessions that include an open mic for visitors.


August 7th  – 6.30pm. FEAST- a local food banquet

Our guest musicians for this year are the Penryn based Martha Tilston and Matt Tweed – we’re really pleased that they’re able to come and can guarantee an evening of truly inspirational music- there’s a clip of them playing here

Our guest poet is Seth Hampshire – winner of our Penryn Festival Poetry Slam, you can see Seth reciting one of the poems he performed for us on youtube here


FEAST is a bring and share event to which everyone is invited to come up trumps with the best dish of food you can make from local sources – to help here’s a list of local food suppliers. Or even better purchase a copy of our beautifully produced limited edition guidebook from reception. Its full of local info, resources, recipes, stories, anecdotes, art and poetry. One camper said that ‘she’d never eaten so well on holiday before’ having found the guidebook so useful for sourcing good local food.


August 14th – 6.30pm.


Nick Jarvis often finds himself billed as ‘the voice of the possible’, probably because he likes making words do things that they really shouldn’t, like getting xmas No.1 song lyrics to make portent political statements, or making love poems argue with a computer.


August 21st – 6.30pm.


August 28th – 6.30pm.   bring and share food / BBQ



May 29th – 6.30pm.  bring and share food / BBQ

Rob Barratt “Guaranteed giggles and sure-fire anarchy lead the way to a radiant show”  North Devon Performing Arts Festival


July 24th – 6.30pm. bring and share food / BBQ

flyer for download:  24.7.13 fireside.pdf


Jonny Fluffypunk. Stand-up poet. Give-up guitarist. Sustainable Nihilist.

Acute social observation, intricate humour, surreal fantasy, sharp irony and wit… and England’s most pretentious moustache  – The Independent


Jonny Fluffypunk comes to fireside fully charged up from the caravanserai / Penryn Arts Festival  Poetry Slam at The Famous Barrel  – Tues 23rd


July 31st – 6.30pm.


Lorna Thorpe, poet performer and writer. Her debut publication Dancing to Motown (Pighog Press, 2005) was a Poetry Book Society pamphlet choice, and her first full collection A Ghost in My House (Arc) was published in 2008. She works as a freelance writer and has published features in the Guardian.


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