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JULY 2009

July 12th  – 15th  Caravanserai Writer in Residence:


Local writer Cat Holman was in residence in the project caravan. During this time she responded to the location, creating poetic interventions on the campsite and opportunities for participation.

An evening of sharing poems, stories, music & memories, come and read / perform or just listen. Barbeque –  please bring food & drink to share.

JULY 29th  8pm onwards, FIRESIDE SESSION 29.7.09 fireside flyer

Mac Dunlop artist, writer, performer and poetry editor of Cornish World magazine presents an evening of performance poetry, storytelling and word explorations with special guest Dominic Power (of Miracle Theatre) . Barbeque –  please bring food & drink to share.



August 3rd-8th Caravanserai Artist in Residence:


Greg Humphries returns to make charcoal from local willow (thanks to Jude & Tony Tomlinson). He will also be constructing a peg loom and demonstrating fleece blanket making. Greg is interested in re-introducing knowledge and skills that many people and communities have lost (or forgotten)..visit his blog to see what he got up to when he was at Treloan in June.

  • AUGUST 4th & 5th CHARCOAL MAKING: Join Greg in making charcoal from locally grown willow in preparation for the foraging and local food ‘feast’ on Thursday August 6th.
  • AUGUST 5th / 6th / 7th  RAFT MAKING:Local resident Si Holman, boat designer and lecturer at Falmouth Marine School will be building a bespoke raft for Treloans entry into the Portscaho Regatta raft race. Assisted by  Mac Dunlop and visiting artist Hannah Cox.

The raft will be built in the style of a Polynesian outrigger canoe, with a main central body, and a stabilising outrigger to prevent it from falling over.  It will measure approximately 4.5 metres in length, and will be constructed in a traditional skin-on-frame manner. This leads to a very light and buoyant craft. We will make use of recycled and reused materials, the final design being shaped by what we have available.

The raft will compete against other similar homemade boats to race around a triangular course off the beach. It has to accommodate four people, who will propel it with paddles. Once completed it will need a sea trial and some decorating to look good for Regatta day.

  • AUGUST 6th  WILD FOOD WALKS: Discover edible delights that grow in our hedgerows and along the coast in a 2hr walk led by local expert forager Rachel Lambert
  • 11am-1pm: COASTAL WALK (including seaweeds) Bring a picnic for lunchtime
  • 2pm-4pm:  HEDGEROW & COAST PATH Cost: £10 per person (book early as places are limited) tel: 01736 369719 / mob: 07903 412014 or email: rachel@wildwalks-southwest.co.uk wild food flyer


At a recent talk by Manda Brookman (Director of COAST) that we organised earlier this year for Transition Roseland (coast/transition flyer) ; we heard that “10% increase in local produce bought by the hotels and catering industry across the region would generate £45m and 2000 jobs” Cornwall Taste of the West. The challenge is on to raise the stakes – how about 100% local produce? 🙂 support local producers and retail outlets – create delicious culinary delights to bring and share / barbecue at a celebratory banquet in the project field.

  • AUGUST 7th PEG LOOM & FLEECE BLANKET making:Join Greg Humphries in the project field demonstrating how to construct a peg loom from local willow and make a fleece blanket.
  • AUGUST 8th 11.30am – 5 pm  OPEN DAY ‘Gathering the Threads.. make, do and meetat GERRANS MEMORIAL HALL 8.8.09 mem hall flyer
  • in the ANNEXE RE-DRESS’ WORKSHOP Led by Lynne Devey fun, creative and good for the soul! – Have you got clothes that you love, cannot bear to throw out but do not wear anymore? Would you like to learn how to make them into new unique garments that cannot be replicated anywhere else on the planet? If the answer is ‘yes’ then here is your chance: No previous sewing experience is needed, just a willingness to have fun and be creative (whilst eating cake and having conversations!). Spaces are limited and allocated on a ‘first come’ basis so if you are interested in taking part please contact Debs at Treloan:  tel: 01872 580989 or email: info@treloancoastalholidays.co.uk


  • in the MAIN HALL: Gerrans Church Fairtrade stall, Gerrans School tombola,Produce from the local allotments, refreshments  – tea /coffee and cake

Lunchtime singing by members of Philleigh Shout (12 – 12.30)

Participatory exhibit: “Bringing it Home: Climate Change and Roseland’s Landscapes – your chance to be involved in new research on Roseland’s futurescapes with Prof Catherine Brace and Dr Hilary Geoghegan, Geographers from University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus.

Have a go at using a peg loom constructed by Greg Humphries from local willow (thanks to Tony and Jude Tomlinson) to make a fleece blanket.

Add to Greg’s artwork ‘Patience and Perseverence’ (from fleece to spinning to knitting). Falmouths Stitch & Bitch group will be there carding, spinning and knitting.

zoe knitting carrier-bags

(pic by Annette)

Make a strong shopper from recycled carrier bags with Zoe

Learn to knit and crochet or just bring along what you’re making at the moment for a convivial ‘make, do and meet’

OPEN TO ALL, no experience necessary

  • AUGUST 12th  8pm onwards FIRESIDE SESSION: local stories, legends and memories with local author Chris Pollard and others (more details to follow). Barbeque, bring food & drink to share.

AUGUST 17th – 23rd  POETRY WEEK:

Expect to encounter poetry in some form this week – written, spoken, or as artwork plus opportunities for participation such as the fireside event ‘Food for Thought’ and Alyson Hallett’s workshop and open writing sessions. Local artist / gallerist Chris Insoll, will be creating and exhibiting a poetry installation in his gallery window. Caravanserai artists Annie Lovejoy and Mac Dunlopwill be installing sculptural texts and audio / text structures on the campsite.

previous text artworks by annie

previous sculptural texts by Mac

August 17th  – 23rd Caravanserai Writer in Residence:


Alyson Hallett lives in Hartland, Devon she has published short stories with Virago and Serpent’s Tail and her book, The Heart’s Elliptical Orbit (Solidus Press) was published in 2003. She has also written scripts for Sky Television and drama for Radio 4 . Current projects include translating the poems of Jorge Esquinca from Spanish into English with Mercedes Nunez and studying for a practice-based PhD in poetry at St. Mary’s College, London. In 2008 Alyson took the third stone from her project, ‘the migration habits of stones’, to Koonawarra in Australia. This project will be featured on BBC Radio 4 on October 13th 2009.

Whilst at Treloan Alyson plans to give poetry readings for residents of Eshcol House Nursing Home, be in St Anthonys Church for a day from dawn till dusk, create ways to engage with poetry on the campsite, lead a writing workshop and be available for anyone wishing to discuss their work or ideas.

  • AUGUST 18th  2- 4pm WRITING WORKSHOP with Alyson Hallett: Book soon as places are limited – contact Debs at Treloantel: 01872 580989 email info@treloancoastalholidays.co.ukMeet at campsite reception at 1.55pm
  • AUGUST 19h  8pm onwards FIRESIDE SESSION: ‘Food for Thought’ An evening of art, music and poetry – Barbeque –  please bring food & drink to share.
  • AUGUST 20th  2- 4pm OPEN SESSION with Alyson Hallett:An opportunity to talk with Alyson about something you’ve written or dream of writing
  • AUGUST 22nd, from DAWN to DUSK, St Anthony’s Church, Place.
images of St Anthonys: Annie lovejoy 2004
images of St Anthonys: Annie lovejoy 2004

Alyson will be spending several hours in the church to write poems in response to the environment of the building and its surroundings. Her time there will be largely unstructured and will focus upon meditation, writing and seeing what arises from being in such a beautiful space, you are very welcome to join her. Thanks here, to Jill Edwards, Priest in charge and Peter Lankester of The Churches Conservation Trust.

  • AUGUST 24th 5 – 8pm OPEN CARAVANS:A celebration of caravanning.

robert & Tehidy

Robert Gray actor, collector and B & B proprieter (TV appearences include Channel Five’s ‘Hotel Inspector’ and BBC’s ‘Cash in the Attic’ and ‘Bargain Hunt’), will welcome visitors to his 1926 Eccles caravan ‘Tehidy’ sited at Treloan. Tehidy has appeared in many classic caravan shows and glossy magazines. There is a photographic album to show previous owners, giving a fascinating glimpse into caravanning in the past.


There are also two Roma caravans on site, a 1980’s Roma Buccanner and a 1990’s 27ft Roma Supreme (the Caravanserai project arts residency space). These caravsns are fine examples of crafted coachbuilt design sourced from a local collector and restorer Martin Scarrett.

Caravanning becomes more and more popular as people choose to reduce their carbon footprint by holidaying in the UK.  At Treloan we host a wide range of visitors and their caravans, from compact silver Airstreams to spacious practical Hobbys – this is an opportunity to open our doors and invite people in to experience the range of design, décor and homely attributes of many different models, we hope you may want to join in – if so, pick up an OPEN CARAVANS sign from reception to put in your window.

  • AUGUST 29th RAFT RACE at Portscatho Regatta:Come cheer on the Treloan team as they race in the specially crafted raft made on site with boat designer Si Holman.

Cat & Si's adventures

We hope Si will still be here for the race, but he & Cat may well have had to catch the weather and set off on their 18th month Mediterranean sailing adventure…. we’ll be watching them



Our 2009 activities programme was supported by FEAST

June 2009..in midst of planning the programme we would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Laura Hardman, FEAST project manager who passed away on June 24th. Being relatively new to the Cornwall arts scene, we were really impressed by her openess and support throughout the application process & were looking forward to working with her on the project.

A week before Laura died she posted a note about her aspirations for FEAST on their website blog.

My dad always says ‘if you never change, you  never grow’ and I think it’s dealing with challenges and problems that  enable us to change. We all have coping strategies for the here and  now, sometimes we need the inspiration to move beyond the unknown and  taste the future.   I’d like to think that art can help us change and I hope that some  of our FEAST projects will elicit this change in people’s lives.

we hope that the Caravanserai project can go some way toward this..

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