caravan- a company of people

caravanserai – a place where caravans meet.

imagine artwork - lovejoy/dunlop 2009

‘imagine’ Lovejoy and Dunlop 2009 – pic by William Walker


Caravanserai is based at Treloan Coastal Holidays on the Roseland peninsula in Cornwall, and run by artists Annie Lovejoy and Mac Dunlop along with the campsite owners, Pete & Debs Walker.

The project began with starting a garden in Middle Close (the project field) and establishing a residency space (the project van). This provides a live/work space for people interested in developing social & environmental activities in response to being at Treloan.

Since 2008 caravanserai has hosted artists, writers, musicians, storytellers, foragers, geographers, academics and students through various residencies, work placements, field visits and project events.

A short overview of the project can be downloaded here

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Caravanserai supporters:
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“Environmental issues are affecting and will continue to increasingly affect our lives in Cornwall, and we are interested in creative engagement projects which allow people to explore, debate, learn, comment, and even create solutions for some of these challenges”.(FEAST)

8 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Chris and I so look forward to getting into these projects with you here and watching them grow – you know that you have our full support. When you need help getting the word out about any upcoming events – just email me and out go the alerts. Thank you all for being here and doing what you do – you are an inspiration !

    check Mary’s slide show of Treloan here

  2. Steve and I enjoy being involved with the projects at Treloan in a very small way and we do miss eveyone and wonder how it’s all going when we are at home. Looking forward to seeing eveything grow and develop over the summer and maybe being involved with a few events.

  3. Thank you all for a fantastic weekend, the Treloan Festival really rocked!! We had a wonderful time and met some fascinating people, the views from the camp site are breathtaking and the arts and entertainment were intriguing. Thanks also for the superb food, it was so good that a lot of the dishes were veggie. We thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and especially the local music, a truly unforgettable and inspiring event that we were really proud to be part of.

    Long may your brilliant project continue!

    Best wishes
    Maria & Paul

  4. Wow, what a fun weekend.

    A real top time to finish off our season at Treloan. We were amazed by all the effort you guys, Debs and Pete put into the weekend. I’ve looked up Headluv and Passman already, loving them alot.

    Have a great ‘out of season’ and looking forward to more inspirational stuff in the coming year.

    Love to you, Jem and Nance x

  5. Simply the best – there is no other place or people like it on the planet 🙂 !!
    The whole summer has been totally amazing – and what an ending it was on the weekend 🙂 Even for the cows !

    Thank You Everyone !

    Treloan Festival in Gerrans Cornwall Rocked for the cows – video NOT IN OUR CUPPA !!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZxZWGilKfo

    Chant: ‘ If you don’t want the cows to suffer – don’t put their milk in your cuppa ! – Mary Alice Pollard, Cornwalls Voice for Animals –

  6. A fantastic weekend – we are now going home for a rest! Really hard work but we enjoyed it as usual. I know you all put in such a lot of work when we’re at home or travelling the world! Looking forward to some quieter times during the winter – must do the garden urgently and have a meal, beer festival, film night etc etc – all the things we’ve had no time to do during the summer. See you all soon I hope. XX

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