On wednesday evenings throughout the summer invited guest poets and musicians perform at our firesides curated by  Mac Dunlop and Annie Lovejoy. Mac, a writer and spoken word artist,  hosts these sessions that include an open mic for visitors.


May 27th – 6.00pm.  bring and share food / BBQ



July 22nd – 6.30pm. bring and share food / BBQ

22.7.15 firesidew


July 29th – 6.30pm. bring and share food / BBQ


this weeks fireside session guest performers are…

Rob Barratt and visiting musician, Nigel Bunner – who we are delighted to host at such short notice (thanks to Martha Tilston for the recommendation) as unfortunately, Des Hannigan had to cancel but says ‘he may well pop over for another fireside this season’. Des is from Morvah, ex fisherman & accomplished rock climber  (his collection of poems The Sea in all its Squalor was published by St Ives Printing and Publishing in 2009.

here he is reading his poem ‘Bay of the Bang’ in 2010

Rob Barratt “Guaranteed giggles and sure-fire anarchy lead the way to a radiant show”  North Devon Performing Arts Festival


August 5th  – 6.30pm. FEAST- a local food banquet


FEAST is a bring and share event to which everyone is invited to come up trumps with the best dish of food you can make from local sources – to help here’s a list of local food suppliers. Or even better purchase a copy of our beautifully produced limited edition guidebook from reception. Its full of local info, resources, recipes, stories, anecdotes, art and poetry. One camper said that ‘she’d never eaten so well on holiday before’ having found the guidebook so useful for sourcing good local food.

this years FEAST performers are Falmouth based Gibberfinch with their foot tappin, dancin’ tunes – here comes Klezmer, Shanty, Ceilidh and more

GibberFinch provide a heady blend of Celtic, American roots, East European folk and ceilidh flavours to tantalise and delight

Helen Spear (accordian), Tom Sharpe (banjo), Dan O Shea (mandola), Arthur Spear (bodhran), Steve Downing (tin whistle)


August 12th – 6.30pm  bring and share food / BBQ



August 19th – 6.30pm. bring and share food / BBQ



August 26th – 6.30pm  bring and share food / BBQ