post grads


Olivia Gray (MA Curatorial Practice, University College Falmouth) – producer of  The Living Room Series with visual artist Christopher Johns.

‘Since leaving university Johns has, almost obsessively, made sketchbooks.  Artworks in themselves these are quickly filled with images that record specific moments in time and place.  With a notebook ever on his person, Christopher is quick to capture those everyday objects that could seem mundane to some but manage to catch this artist’s eye.  Whether precisely measuring and reproducing objects or quickly sketching things of interest.

The desire to exhibit these books created a conundrum as not easily could they be displayed within a gallery.  It was therefore decided to construct a portable living room in which to house them.  In this space people are invited to sit and chat to the artist, relax and rifle through the books or simply have a cup of tea and listen to the radio.  Through this relaxed and inviting environment it is hoped that people will be able to get a greater depth of understanding about Christopher’s practice’ (Olivia Gray, 2011).


Ken Barrett (MA Fine Art: Contemporary Practice, University College Falmouth) – produced ‘1-spy’ panels based on local wildlife and maritime practices as well as a series of portraits of local people. The ‘i-spy’ panels involved visitor participation and he also ran a portrait workshop for kids that was exhibited in the wash-up areas. Developing his George Formby tribute show he also performed songs for us on his ukelele at our wednesday evening summer fireside sessions.


Cat Holman (MA Creative Writing, Manchester Metropolitan University) was in residence in the project van to complete an independent research unit of her MA exploring the transmission of text through a creative project and accompanying research essay. “I was particularly interested in looking at an area of writing that was relevant to my location and situation….” her project is documented beautifully on her blog ‘write under canvas

Greg Humphries (MA Fine Art: Contemporary Practice, University College Falmouth) is interested in the archiving of knowledges that may be in danger of being forgotten but may well be necessary to survive Peak Oil crisis. Greg has recorded all of his activities at Treloan here along with detailed sketches & instructions.

In 2009 Greg Humphries received the ‘Unlocking Cornish Potential Award for Creative Enterprise Cornwall Best Postgraduate Placement‘.  Greg was recognised for his innovative work at Treloan Costal Holidays campsite, Portscatho.  During his placement Greg worked closely with the site owners Peter and Deborah Walker and local community members to re-introduce willow coppicing and lobster pot weaving  as a sustainable practice.  Greg also created a fedge, peg loom and charcoal burner, all of which helped develop the sites ongoing engagement with a sustainable tourism project through art practice.  Zoe Mogridge (Placement Co-ordinator, UCF).

Charlotte Shranks (UCF MA Interior & Landscape Design) – produced signage for site traffic calming & the shower blocks.

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