winter solstice home fire – and wood poem

logs to burn, logs to burn, logs to save the coal a turn
Here’s a word to make you wise when you hear the Woodman’s Cries,
Never heed his usual tale, that he has good logs for sale,
But read these lines and really learn, the proper kind of logs to burn.
OAK logs will warm you well, if they are old and dry;
LARCH logs of pinewood smell, but the sparks will fly
BEECH logs for Christmas time
YEW logs heat well
SCOTCH,it is a crime for anyone to sell
BIRCH logs will burn too fast,
CHESTNUT scarce at all
HAWTHORN logs are good to last, if cut in the fall.
HOLLY logs will burn like wax, you should burn them green;
ELM logs are like smouldering flax, no flame to seen.
PEAR logs and Apple logs they will scent your room
CHERRY logs across the dogs, smell like flowers in bloom.
POPULAR logs the “matchstick” wood, left to thoroughly dry; will make the best kindling to light your fire by.
But ASH logs, so smooth and grey, burn them green or old
Buy all that come your way as they are worth their weight in gold!!!




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