Ken Barrett – artist in residence, May/June 2010

Ken’s moved into the project van and is busy painting the 2 Chris’s – to be installed in ‘Richies Wash-Up'(see Kens blog here)

he’s also creating a walk in  ‘I-SPY’  book on the walls of the loos …

My work uses paint and other media as a way of provoking conversation and participation. I like playing with the boundaries between things, perforating them if possible. Recent projects have mixed memory and nostalgia and the Treloan work is a kind of ‘guerrilla’ nostalgia piece, descending on a public place and filling it with high grade nostalgic material (at least for people aged 50 and above, whose Mum and Dad bought them I-Spy books).

Ken Barrett

& of course Debs wasn’t gonna miss a trick!


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