The Living Room – drawing session

This hugely popular session lasted for hours, the children that came were still drawing at their tent at 9pm in the evening, they were so inspired! more pics of the Living Room events here


The Living Room – bookbinding sessions

The Living Room was a great success with people dropping in and out to peruse Chris’s handmade sketchbooks and have a chat, tea and yummy cakes made by Liv. Emma, Liv and Chris worked non stop teaching us all how to make books and opening the space up for an added informal drawing session on the saturday (more on that in the next post). Mary Alice as always, took some great shots that you can see here and theres some more on the caravanserai flickr album




this ones made by Roz – she’s a stylist, can you tell?

and thanks to Mark Hudson for these pics below of the making process

The Living Room – thanks Chris

It was very exciting to make a book, think I may have found my oeuvre! great to get hands on after months of PhD thesis writing. I’ve never made a properly bound book before and loved doing it, so thought I’d show it off – especially as I seem to have lost it, can’t find it anywhere. If you see it – please get in touch 🙂

 pics by Mary Alice

ah well, got the cover wrong, the bird was s’posed to be on the front – tricky business, so I just wrote all over the front to make it look better. The inside pages are from the guidebook, Kens bird drawings (p.51) and a photo of Breakneck beach (p.57).

The Living Room Series

Sketchbooks are intrinsic to Christopher Johns’ practice.  Frequently handmade by Christopher, each book is an artwork in itself.  These are obsessively filled with images that record specific moments in time and place.  Whether precisely measuring and reproducing objects or quickly sketching things of interest, this compulsive need to document life is a meditative process that does not often result in a final piece but creates an archive of memories.