Rural Connective

I was recently invited by Magda to participate & give a presentation at a Rural Connective workshop, a networking event and a collaborative initiative between UCF, University of Aberdeen and BT. and funded by the AHRC

The project aims to orchestrate collaborations between academics, small businesses and communities which will champion novel models and use of digital technologies and superfast broadband access in the context of rurality and connectivity.

interesting given the lack of mobile signal at Treloan! but as Magda had pointed out ‘our location and total lack of Internet access which accompanies the project, should be included in discussions about art, creativity, public access and participation and the roll our of superfast broadband’

It was a good challenge & I found myself revisiting previous networked & locative media projects (here nor there, your heart on my sleeve) to write about ‘connectivity’  – digital or otherwise.

Here’s the presentation transcript rural connective .pdf

Alyson Hallett & Chris Caseldine

Alyson and Chris did a beautiful performance in the evening from their book ‘6 days in Iceland‘,

It was nice to spend some time with Alyson, we were well looked after and stayed in a great B&B. Every so often we’d slip into conversations about being freelance practitioner/ researchers in this type of situation. We were impressed by the setting at Marazion, the fantastic food, the visit to Heartlands and the uber documentation 🙂 was that 3000 photos?  – it must have all cost a pretty penny –  we couldn’t help but think about research funding and how university based academics spend so much time on conference / network circuits where everything is paid for by the institution. This, we noted, is a subject rarely raised or discussed in academic circles, how economic limitations effect research practice; but as freelance artist/writer/researchers we often come across these disparities. For example, without university affiliation, having an abstract accepted at a conference comes hand in hand with being asked to pay to be there!! – pay to do your own work – hmmmm t’is a strange ol’ world.

but we really enjoyed the workshop, met some great folk … its always good to share ‘ideas’


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