pics from our last fireside of 2012 on Wednesday August 29th


Mac and Will Walker pictured, see more great fireside shots at Mary Alice Pollards album here

our evening started with a rainbow…then tales of kayaking around the entire coast of Britain from Andy Mullen,

‘On a very windy & smokey evening, Andy Mullins talks about his amazing kayaking GB360 adventure to a large group of ‘kids’ of all ages at the final 2012 FIRESIDE’ Mary Alice Pollard (video by Mary below)

After this we had some lovely shared food and listened to Helen Spear playing Klezmer music on her accordion, being joined by Dan on mandolin and bouzouki, playing folk tunes and ballads, all rounded off by our dear Jamie and Beatrice ( J and B) . We got a bit wet and decanted into the Marquee until the stars came out again, when we carried on with a few more logs on the fire, as the stars twinkled around the moon.

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