caravanserai at The Independent School of Art

The Independent School of Art is a collective initiative that has established monthly art meetings in Penryn, Cornwall. Since Jan 2010 various local artists have presented their work & last night we did a caravanserai session.

We set the space out in caravanserai cafe style & invited people to bring & share food & drink – a great turn out & plenty for all

Following Kimberley’s intro Annie whizzed thru a presentation of the project extracted from her doctoral thesis (the full text with images/links is available for download here: ISA 3.11.11.pdf). Mac followed this up with hosting a ‘fireside session’ (without a fire and out of context!) – featuring people who had been at Treloan. Performing against a backdrop of fireside images was Seamas Carey on accordian and poets Nick Jarvis and Danielle Allen. Kimberly took the open mike stage, filling the hall with song…beautiful. Brendan videoed the whole event and has uploaded it here – thank you!


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