beach forage

For the last three days Robin Harford has led groups on a morning forage – this one takes place on Peters Splosh, one of the beaches below the campsite..

Carragheen, Chondus crispus

Carrageen, from the Irish carraigin or ʻLittle Rockʼ, was traditionally used as a milk
thickener for a popular bedtime drink, and was claimed to be good for insomnia. It
was also used to make blancmange and firm up fish pates.

It is rich in trace elements and vitamins along with protein, fat and
carbohydrate, it is almost a complete food.

Sea LettuceUlva lactuca

Sea lettuce is full of iron, vitamin A, B and C, protein, plus trace

tasting raw limpets –

last words circle at the  fireside


2 thoughts on “beach forage

  1. Great Tshirt, I saw John Otway once, very funny.
    Limpits, I had once, rubber city. I would like to work with the flavour though. I also need to know more about seaweed. Good post.

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