Treloan Easter Fete- and auction charity ‘do’

An amazing achievement again by Debs & Pete and all who helped to make this happen (team Treloan and holidaymakers), plus all those who donated, bought, bid etc- last heard the count from the day was £1800 for charity

Leno the auction assistant, raffle ticket chief and general fete wizard

more of pics of the event by Mary are here – thanks Mary) and.. BIG respect to those we should’ve thanked on the night, but a few drinks in and festivity in the air we were all too busy enjoying ourselves! so ‘thank you’ Chris, Alyson & Steve who worked tirelessly throughout pulling out all the stops to make this happen – doing everything that’s involved in putting the marquee up, furnishing it and so on …and then taking it all down again.

thanks also to Amy, Buffalo, Hilary Bracegirdle, Ladies from St Gerrans Church, Simon the chef – delicious, Martin the auctioneer and Mac the poet (and helping hand)

Bellas drivin'

poster by Mac Dunlop


One thought on “Treloan Easter Fete- and auction charity ‘do’

  1. Thank you Annie -this is brilliant and so quick!! I will show Leon later – he will be so pleased to have his picture on the blog.

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