Arthur’s Field, a ‘creative campsite’

The foraging / local food initiatives, willow work and fireside performances mentioned in the Guardian Camping Guide review of Arthur’s Field are all facilitated by the Caravanserai project and the many wonderful artists, writers, foragers etc, we have invited to Treloan. These projects are all to do with recognising the impact of tourism and wanting to give visitors a sense of where they are and why doing things locally is so important.

As well as all the people that have participated in the project, Caravanserai gratefully acknowledges the funders who have supported the creative activities mentioned above.

Environmental issues are affecting and will continue to increasingly affect our lives in Cornwall, and we are interested in creative engagement projects which allow people to explore, debate, learn, comment, and even create solutions for some of these challenges”.(FEAST)

To date we have been supported by

FEAST Cornwall Council / Arts Council England (activities programme 2009) , RANE Research into Art, Nature and the Environment, University College Falmouth (guidebook publication 2011) and ESF European Social Fund (student placements 2009).

We’ve got ideas a plenty!  and are hoping in the current economic tailspin / arts funding cuts,  that we can keep the creativity flowing…


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