Treloan Fest 2010

check this Hedluv & Passman (well, Passman) leap caught on camera by Mary Alice – wow! (more of her pics and video clips here)

These guys are just brilliant performers /wordsmiths we love ’em (here’s an interview Mac did with them last year for Cornish World magazine).

and then there’s the Ice Cold Idiots -woa the oldest is thirteen (I think), so that means that when we first saw them they must’ve been eleven! – that was at a Gylly Cafe ‘curry & beer open mic’ night & they were really good.  Earlier this year we saw them at Port Eliot & were well pleased when they said they’d be happy to come to Treloan. Thanks guys for a great set and for the CDs you donated.

One of the coolest bands to grace the stage at Port Eliot, Ice Cold Idiots are a classic rock band with a combined age of just 39! With a playlist made up of ACDC, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin numbers, these 12-year-olds know how to rock with the best of them.

“I love being the front man, I love entertaining the crowd. Getting the crowd dancing is great.”
Morgan Roberts. Port Eliot

Poet Rob Barratt (the Bodmin Bard) returned with some  favourites from the fireside sessions ‘I don’t want to swim with dolphins’, a rendering of  second home (fantastic!) which we haven’t heard since June – thanks Rob. Plus  ‘Steve Wright love songs’ – here’s Mary’s video clip of this  Treloan fave..

M C of the evening Mac Dunlop is seen here getting down to size to introduce the next ‘open mic’ acts..

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