17.7.2010 – ‘a sense of place’ writing workshop

July 17th, 2010

course outline..

session 1:

Writing with a sense of place – Drawing on the experiences of contemporary Cornish Writers, who have responded to interview questions about everything from their roots in Cornwall, making a living as writers, a sense of home, and how they draw inspiration from a sense of place,  this session looks overall at poetic writings inspired by nature, writing for performance, and the context of landscape in literature generally.

session 2:

Living the language – taking a look at the voice, the inner voice, the reading voice, the character’s voice, drawing on experiences working with Sign Language (BSL) writers in particular – incorporating the visual within the language of the  spoken word.

(there are breaks between the sessions, time to chat, talk a walk,  or to feel inspired)

session 3:

Fireside reading – the after dinner evening session is an open forum around an open fire, a supportive atmosphere where participants are encouraged to read some of their own work, or something which has particularly inspired you. An opportunity to take time to discuss ideas on an intimate level.

Tutor: Mac Dunlop (M.A.) is the Poetry Editor of Cornish World Magazine, and writer of the comedy radio series ‘Unspoken Words’  now in its second successful year and syndicated on London’s Resonance FM

Accomodation (price not included in course fees): overnight camping, (£10/person) or caravan/mobile homes subject to availability

Food: tea and light refreshments during the afternoon, with a communal BBQ meal during the evening fireside reading session. (please bring your own drinks/refreshments)

sharing in the preparing of food is all part of the experience, getting to know each other and share ideas in different ways outside of the writing  and workshop sessions.  Writing can often seem a very individual experience, so the Caravanserai sessions offer a chance to chat on more personal levels.

Please bring your own writing materials.

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