june 2nd 2010- fireside session

The site is busy – half term and a lovely atmosphere all round as people settle into the good weather, this fireside session was well attended the rings of seating & haybales expand  – the food’s also gone up a notch! everyone bringing fantastic dishes to share. The evening started as always with Mac introducing the roots of the word Caravanserai and its relevance to Treloan as a meeting place.

The session kicked off with Ken Barrett doing another George Formby set, followed by Rob Barratt (note Barr-att!) a fantastic poet hailing from Bodmin..marvellous wordsmithing on second homes, not swimming with dolphins, love / rock songs and more..

pic of Rob Barratt by Andrea Insoll

Steve Arthur reciting a fireside fave Binder String

“Dost mind Bill Bates, as used to work for Drake at Badger’s End?
There weren’t a tool about the farm this fella could not mend…”

Steve Arthur (pic by Andea Insoll)

Mac slipped in the wonderful  jobs for lifeless & a wee ditty on chocolate money / credit crunch.. (Pete’s having a laugh!)

Mac Dunlop (pic by Mary Alice Pollard)

note the latest move in the 2 Chris scenario in the pic below as Chris (Insoll) in new t shirt / hat & wig crashes the stage just as musician Chris (Pollard) is  about to give us a tune or two..

2 Chris's (pic by Andrea Insoll)

with Chris Insoll off stage (so to speak) heres the one and only Chris Pollard reading from his book..

Chris Pollard (pic by Mary Alice Pollard)

we also had the pleasure of hearing young Isabelle, a campsite visitor recite a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah

I used to think nurses Were women,
I used to think police
Were men,
I used to think poets
Were boring,
Until I became one of them.

and finally Jack Retallack a young local boy – 11ys old (son of Ralph, saxophonist in the Hothouse Playboys) gave us some spine shivering unaccompanied vocals – wonderfully crafted versions of songs like American Pie & Leonard Cohen’s Halleluiah….amazin’

more pics from this event by Mary here


One thought on “june 2nd 2010- fireside session

  1. “The campfire session was great. It’s so great the way you guys have plugged into the local community. I love the way everything that happens is something that feels organic as it were. The kids loved it all and talk about the poems and can recite some of it back. They are also singing Jack’s song selections.”

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