great news from Energy Cafe

Ella & Amy have got some funding to carry on with Energy Cafe, fantastic news.. this project is inspirational, the events and activities it’s generated say so much for collective action, shared experience, and enthusiasm.

When they came to visit us last May they were indecisive as to where to go with it next, on return they found a place for the trailer to rest awhile, I love this pic of it ‘sleeping’ amongst the Camomile…

They needed to rest too having worked intensively in all weathers through autumn & winter till spring – then having to stop short of a full seasonal year because the art contract ended and the site was no longer possible. Click on the image to read their story.. and & their concern to ‘keep the dream’ of a ‘commons’ project.

When we saw Amy in September at Bos Arts she gave us a packet of Energy Cafe spinach seeds which I’ve planted today in celebration of the Spring Equinox that brought their good news..and promise of new growth ahead


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