EMBARK Ferry Art – a proposal

Here’s a proposal submitted to ‘Embark Ferry Art‘ – an exhibition project on the King Harry Ferry hope they like it 🙂


The images proposed for exhibition on the King Harry Ferry arise from activities involving local residents and the many visitors to the villages of Portscatho & Gerrans. These activities or responses to the location have been generated by artists, writers, poets, musicians, geographers and UCF students that have been in residence or who have worked on the Caravanserai project at Treloan Coastal Holidays, a caravan and camping site on the Roseland peninsula.

Being images of people, activities and events pertinent to the area that the ferry passengers are either coming from or going to, they’d work a treat on the KHF (our familiar & all-important route to and from the Roseland come rain or shine).

They’d be ‘rooted on route’ so to speak, being place responsive and community spirited. The ferry crossing is a fine time frame for browsing an exhibition (as well as the huge ships still moored up the Fal), it’s a connective and inbetween site ideally suited to images that respond to and celebrate the local environment and culture.

The images provide examples of the type of content envisaged for the ferry exhibition, if selected this would be redesigned or new work produced. The final images will be sourced from the wealth of material there is, and credited to the various people involved.

Re. your request for proposals from ‘emerging artists’ I probably don’t fit the bill as I’ve been practicing for a long time. But, I hope that the pertinence to locality and inclusive nature of Caravanserai (as an ongoing ‘emergent’ project) might be of interest.


The images sent to Embark Ferry Art are sourced from, or include photos by –  Mary Pollard, Jiva Lovejoy, Alyson Hallett and William Walker


2 thoughts on “EMBARK Ferry Art – a proposal

  1. I’m sorry that your submission for Embark was unsuccessful. There were two real factors in the decision, the main thing was (as you said) your experience. The Arts Council funding was based upon showing the work of emerging artists who may not have had much experience prior to this.

    Secondly was the fact that, although the images you submitted were interesting, and particularly pertinent to the Caravanserai project, it did not really fit in with the artistic direction of the shows. We were hoping to show original artworks rather than the documentation of another event.

  2. ah well not to worry, but it has reminded me that last year we supported a proposal by a local self taught photographer Mary Pollard which also didn’t get selected.

    How sites/places are responded to by artists is central to my current research project so I’m interested in Embark / Fotonow’s take on the King Harry Ferry as a space to exhibit artwork and have raised a few questions which I hope they might be happy to respond to…

    in terms of the selection process:
    does Embark involve people familiar with the site in the selection of work?
    do the guys that work on the ferry day in day out have a say in the process?
    who was involved in the selection process?

    re. ‘art’ in public contexts:
    does work selected relate to the KHF? if so, in what way? geographically, thematically etc? or does the project see itself more as an outdoor gallery?

    re the decisive factors in rejecting the Caravanserai proposal:
    what does Embark consider to be ‘original artwork’? does design that re-presents events differ from art? is the photographic documentation (of landscape /fisherman/sea etc art? what is an emerging artist? do artists stop emerging? can anyone be considered as an emerging artist?

    re. constitutional matters:
    is Embark an artist-led initiative? does it make its commissioning, funding, selection etc. processes transparent? what are Embark’s aims? are they defined by its funding criteria – eg. ACE / UCF ? (eg. being a showcase for students etc).

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