FEAST 2009 – the fire and the music

Mac Dunlop welcomed guests to the fireside and spoke to the company of people present..

he introduced the caravanserai project in a moving speech that invited us to remember those no longer with us reading a poignant text written by FEAST project manager Laura Hardman only a week before she died…

“My dad always says ‘if you never change, you never grow’ and I think it’s dealing with challenges and problems that enable us to change. We all have coping strategies for the here and now, sometimes we need the inspiration to move beyond the unknown and taste the future.   I’d like to think that art can help us change and I hope that some of our FEAST projects will elicit this change in people’s lives.

Mac then dedicated the lighting of a fire sculpture created by Bristol artist Hannah Cox to Laura – the crowd drifted across the field to watch it burn in silence, against the backdrop of night sky and full moon above.

Returning to the campfire we were enthralled by fantastic fiddle and guitar music provided spontanaeously by campsite visitors J & B followed by numerous anecdotes, stories and offerings from people participanting in the celebration.

pics by Mary Alice Pollard

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