FEAST 2009 – the food

Earlier in the year we organised a talk by Manda Brookman of COAST for the local transition group. Inspired by a statistic she quoted..

“a 10% increase in local produce bought by the hotels and catering industry across the region would generate £45m and 2000 jobs” Cornwall Taste of the West.

So we decided to hold a ‘feast’ raising the stakes to a 100% local food challenge

what an event – amazing  over 100 people showed up to a beautiful setting in the project field armed with culinary delights.

Resident artist Greg Humphries made charcoal for the barbecue from local willow  (thanks to Jude and Tony Tomlinson).

Food was foraged during the day in a walk led by Greg, village resident Allan Collins and wild food expert Rachel Lambert.  All manner of wonderful dishes appeared as well as a range of edibles for cooking on the various barbecues…

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