Fireside Session July 29th, 2009

Dominic Power, shakespearean legend

Dominic Power, shakespearean legend

This time we had a window of lovely evening weather after a couple of days of rain. As usual we kicked off around 8pm, with a gathering of about 40, both holiday-ers and people from Gerrans and Portscatho coming up to share food and listen into stories poems and songs as the night settled in.

Pauline, Dom and Bill

Pauline, Dom and Bill

Our special guests were Dominic Power, latterly from Miracle Theatre Company, who regaled us with some classic British Comedy, along with his thoughtful ponderings on bats and all things batty, while Theo – our old friend from Georgia sang us a Georgian song.

listen here to
“Dominic Power, Shakespearean Legend”

Dom, Becky and Theo

Dom, Becky and Theo

Allan brought along a poem he had written called ‘Wealth’ inspired by both the writer Cat Holman’s recent residency and workshops on the Caravan site, and the traditional skill sharing interests of Placement Artist, Greg Humphries. Allan in turn has inspired everyone at Treloan with his enthusiasm and positive energy, including the MC of the evening Mac Dunlop .

listen here to

Lastly we were treated to the poetry of Stanley Holloway, by Bill, who recited ‘The Lion and Albert’ for us.
listen here to an excerpt from Bill’s rendition of
“The Lion and Albert”

July-29th©justnicephotos-2009 mary alice pollard

We try and do something regularily on a Wednesday night at 8pm, you can always check the what’s on page to see what’s happening next.


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