Fireside Session 15th July, 2009

fireside-sess-15-7-09An evening of sharing poems, stories, music & memories, where local people and visitors came and read, performed or just enjoyed listening. We had a bring and share barbeque too.  Inspired and organised by Cat Holman as part of her Writer’s Residency, Mac Dunlop hosted the evening on behalf of Pete and Debs.

Cat Holman

Cat Holman

Our evening kicked off with a lovely poem written by three young visitors, inspired by meeting Love and Joy, Treloan’s famous Tamworth Pigs. the Banting children were kind enough to leave us with a copy of their ‘Pig Poem”.

Debbie remembers meeting the children and how they were inspired,  listen to her story here

‘Writing The Pig Poem’


Cat went on to read out some of the post card poems that people had written on the cards provided. Debs read her poem ‘words’ written in a workshop the day before, and then we had a beautiful recital of Cat’s spanish poem Caravanserai (which we love as it so creatively  reflects our aspirations for the project).

it translates as follows..

When the stories escape from here,

when they go,

they will not disappear;

Caravanserai will still be,

it will continue through our memories.

Local musician Bruce then led a bluesy guitar session with some cover versions that turned to ‘Shakespearean Blues when Mac joined in the jam… “To Be or Not to Be Blues”


As the sun went down, we threw the sky on the fire to stay warm, and were led in a rousing campfire song by a visiting Brown Owl.


Si Holman recited some Kipling for us, and we had plenty of music and song to carry us into the night.


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