COAST talk for Transition Roseland

Debs, Annie & Mac have been members of Transition Roseland since it was formed in Sept 2008, and see this as conducive to the work we are doing at Treloan to provide visitors with an engaged experience of the locality. .. through caring for the environment, supporting local suppliers, cultural activities, community events etc

We’re delighted that Manda Brookman from COAST has accepted our invitation to visit and give a talk for Transition – ‘joining the dots’ April 23 2009.


Sustainable Tourism – so what’s that?

“well just about everything..the natural, historical, cultural and industrial heritage (past and present); it’s the host communities who live and work across the county; it’s also the myriad businesses, groups, local industries, support services and infrastructure which serve both our visitors, and the tourism industry operators. This one industry affects “ and is affected by “ practically everything you can think of: food, transport, accommodation, procurement, energy, waste, water, wildlife, natural environment, retail, people and lifestyles.” COAST

f.f.i A presentation that Manda gave to Transition Falmouth in April 2008 can be downladed from here.  The TF website is also worth a mention as it’s an excellent collective resource with lots of local info and initiatives re. making the transition to a low carbon, sustainable, ethical future.


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