hay box

Was just reading how to make a hay box cooker when Kev came over, I asked him if there were any old fridges on site & within minutes he’d brought one over with some insulation material that was being chucked out..


thanks Kev!


overnight cooking of porridge oats – still warm in the morning but improvements are needed. A heavier pan, cast iron that holds the heat would be more efficient .. more trials to follow re. food types & cooking times.

ffi. see web resources

“At the beginning of the Second World War, the British Government made a conscientious effort to introduce the notion of hay-box cooking to the people of Britain. In an attempt to reduce the crippling demand that was being placed on cooking and heating materials, the government printed and distributed thousands of flyers urging people to place heated pots in hay-insulated boxes to further cooking.* This initiative ensured a substantial saving in the energy sources that were becoming scarce – energy sources that would become critical later in the war. Not only did the increased awareness and widespread use of hay boxes help to limit energy consumption however, it also introduced thousands of families to all the other benefits of “retained heat”, or “insulated” cooking.”  The Hot Box Co

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