revamping the project van


Debs in the new Roma Supreme

Built in the early 90’s this van has been well cared for, the seats were still covered in the original plastic, the curtains were handmade (masses of nylon!) when closed they formed a semi circle – & when open draped perfectly held by ruffled nylon on string hoops (these came in handy once unthreaded, to make smooth runner hems for the new curtains). With its white formica shell, mirrors, wall to wall carpets the space needed revamping to be a functional workplace. So carpet was stripped  from the main area, the plastic was removed from the seats and new cotton curtains were made out of some old ones.

cvan01 cvan02 cvan03


The last of the calico  brought back from a project in Mirzani (Republic of Georgia) has been used for the bedroom curtains – might be embroidered at a later date.  A Mistle Thrush keeps popping back to check the recently dug earth at the front end of the van.


The Inuksuk keyring has a fitting home at last, Mac’s mum sent it to us a while back.

Inuksuk (the singular of Inuksuit) literally means, ‘that which acts in the capacity of a human’.

‘The inuksuk…is a metaphor. It reminds [the elders] of the time when people were attached to the land by an unbroken thread of reference, when they created great dancing circles, built fish weirs, placed huge inuksuit on hilltops, made traps to catch the most cunning animals, and communicated by rearranging or shaping fragments of the landscape.” Norman Hallendy, Insuksuit: Silent Messengers of the Arctic. University of Washington Press, 2000.


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