seaweed and shires…

On a guided tour of Portscatho in October 2008 led by Peter Messer-Bennett Debs and I learnt that the name of the slip down to the beach beside the Harbour Club is called ‘Horse St’ because it was used by horses & carts to transport seaweed and sand for fertilizer and building purposes. This discovery combined with the plans to cultivate land at Treloan triggered an exciting idea .. perhaps we could re-enact this event.

A celebration of memories and histories that would have ecological significance now for our environmental and social wellbeing. There are many skills and knowledges particular to places that are being lost, we need to relearn the local ‘know how’ – the ways of doing things that can improve our lives. when Debs and Rachel went to a Cornish Horse Power training day organized by Robert Eddy, I tagged along camera in hand, thinking I may be able to find out whether the idea might be possible.


dave-shires rob-push

cyril eddy bob and jewel

a brief chat re. seaweed with Robert’s dad, Cyril Eddy

debs amy

Debs                                                 Amy


Lisa serving up teas & soup from the trailer

the expertise of this group of trainers was incredible seen here breaking in a French Percheron:

Having spent all day behind the camera (nervously around the Shires) I got spotted, Dave insisted I had a go – its scary as the slightest pull on the reins sends the horses off in a different direction.


Cheers Dave, alarming at first but in the end exhilarating


One thought on “seaweed and shires…

  1. Well done all of you – wish I had been able to be there on the day, looked like so much fun -:) Aren’t they the most amazing horses ?!

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