fire pit in progress

Linda Weintraub, writer, curator, educator, and artist gave a presentation at Artful Ecologies 2 in July 2008, alongside of her professional career she spoke about her environmental activism as an artist tending to 11 acres “of rocky hillside to coax it into vital and productive eco-systems” she described her response to the land as being inuitive and led by her artistic sensibilities. In refreshing a neglected piece of land this aesthetic approach had opened up new habitats (productive eco-systems). A couple of quotes:

“no matter is fixed, as an artist our choices are infinite- we are a ‘free radical'”

“when functions are emotive new forms come to you”

Linda Weintraub’s fire pit ‘gathering space’ (see image below) prompted an idea to build one at Treloan,


meanwhile Pete & Debs were also thinking along these lines having been inspired by seeing one at Henrys campsite on the Lizard.

the fire pit ‘gathering space’ is in progress…

we’re looking for old boats to upturn as seats for cosy fireside storytelling, poetry, music etc

fp-markout fire

james fire-pit

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