Treloan brochure – place names

A new brochure was needed for the campsite …

A few years back I’d had a chat with someone at the local Heritage Centre in Gerrans about place names. I was donating some photo cards I’d made of the locality & it was pointed out to me that the beach I had recorded as ‘Treloan Cove’ (as marked on the campsite brochure of the time) was wrongly named, as were the field names adjacent to the site. So when Mac was working on a map for the new brochure I went to see Hilary Thompson a local historian, who was happy to identify the place names that locals are familiar with – derived from an 1841 Tythe map.


Treloan – town or homestead of the Elm tree

Mowhay – the barn or yard where the the ‘mow’ is stored, the ‘mow’ was described by Hilary as being “somewhere between a ‘rick’  and a ‘stook’ .. a heap of hay”, and most farms would have had one.


Stooks at Crug Nelyas near Treloan Farm


Treloan brochure 2008.

Mac (site map), Annie (image/layout) & Jackie Pace (text/layout),


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